Proface HMI Monitor Repair

Proface HMI monitor repair at Repair Zone. Do you have a dead unit that needs a quick repair? Screen replacement due to damage? Call us (989)922-0043 or visit us at


Proface HMI monitor repair at Repair Zone.
If your machine has a Proface HMI and it suddenly goes blank or the screen is compromised in any way, you can send it in for a free evaluation.
We troubleshoot your unit quickly and wash any contaminates that may be present. We also repair keypads and controls. All internal circuit boards are gone through and any bad or aged components such as resisters and caps are replaced.

We carry many replacement touchscreens and overlays if the front of the unit is physically damaged. We also stock power supply’s, backlights and other components that can help in shortening lead times.
Proface applications can be moved from one unit onto another, when necessary.
Your Proface unit is re-assembled then powered up and final testing completes the repair.

We custom box your unit so it arrives safely and ready to use. All Proface repairs are backed with a 1 year warranty. We stock several units that can purchased or exchanged.

Repair Zone: “Your Proface HMI repair experts.”

Check out our inventory of remanufactured Pro-face units:

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