mTV-100 Rohtek Automation HMI-TV Human Machine Television Interface Remote Display HDMI Kiwiplan WEINTEK mTV-100 HMI Powered by ROHTEK AUTOMATION ● Innovative architecture to tranform your consumer TV into a full HMI. We separated the HMI into an mTV-100 control box and an LCD touch monitor (ex:ViewSonic TD2220) Discover A Lot More

Water Resources Management – Industrial IoT – Remote Water Flow Monitor McCrometer Flowmeter Sensors

Learn here how to do affordable remote water flow monitoring with Valarm! You can get the Valarm Pro app at: Valarm Tools Cloud is at Sensors, cables, Discover A Lot More

Make Your Own Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Boxes for Sensor Telemetry with Valarm

More info at and . Industrial IoT hardware from . Learn more in the blog post write-up with this step-by-step video tutorial for Makers and Industrial IoT: Voiceover: In Discover A Lot More