WRAP Protests, squatters’ arrests; ADDS memorial to dead protester, BofE demo

(2 Apr 2009) SHOTLIST
1. Anti-war protesters standing outside ExCel Centre, venue of G20 summit, many holding placards and chanting UPSOUND (English): “Free, free Palestine!”
2. Top shot of police standing by barricades, monitoring
3. Chanting protesters UPSOUND (English): “We don’t want your bloody war! Five, six, seven, eight, stop the killing, stop the hate.”
4. Top shot of protesters chanting and dancing at the venue, some with the flag of Ethiopia’s eastern border region of Ogaden draped round their shoulders
5. Wide top shot of scene
6. Police boat patrolling the River Thames
7. Various of policemen on horseback monitoring scene from behind barricade
8. Close of protesters with placard reading (English): “Abolish all nukes, yes we can!”
9. Wide panoramic view of the Docklands area, with Millennium Dome in distance
10. Top shot of chanting protesters, holding Ethiopian flags and placards
11. Close of police next to Ethiopian protesters blowing horns
12. Wide of Ethiopian protesters, one holding picture of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
13. Two female protesters sitting on ground writing out placard
14. Various of protesters carrying a coffin, symbolising the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
15. Police boat on the Thames
Central London
16. Wide of building with banner strung across, alleged site of squatters
17. Wide of police vehicles and ambulance in street outside building, police surrounding chanting protesters
18. Man with bandaged head being led away by police to ambulance personnel
19. Wide of people sitting on pavement surrounded by police
20. Mid of man surrounded by police
21. Various of police standing next to evicted squatters who are sitting in row on pavement
Central London
22. Pan from photographers to woman speaking about a demonstrator who died on Wednesday during marches UPSOUND (English): “We’ve come here today to mark the death of a protester who died here yesterday inside a police cordon.”
22. Various of bouquet of flowers being taken to spot believed to be where protester died
23. Various of flower bouquet on ground, card reading: (English) “In solidarity”
24. Wide of police and protesters in front of the Bank of England building
25. Contingent of police walking towards site
Police were out in force for the G-20 summit on Thursday, swarming around the east London riverside site as small groups of demonstrators protested world poverty and climate change.
Outbreaks of violence in big protests a day earlier in the capital’s financial district had led to 86 arrests, and one man collapsed and died.
At the ExCel Centre in the city’s east Docklands district, where leaders of the Group of 20 financial powers held Thursday’s talks on the global economy, police manned barriers and checkpoints around the security perimeter, turning away anyone without accreditation within a half-mile (800-metre) radius.
Police boats patrolled the River Thames.
Outside the summit venue, dozens demonstrated.
Some held signs that read “Stop Ethiopia from Starving” while “Stop the War” coalition supporters also gathered by the Thames.
Others carried a symbolic coffin through the crowd of protesters to raise awareness of ongoing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Many more demonstrated in the city’s financial district and near London Bridge.
Police said there had been about 100 arrests so far, most of them on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, one hundred police officers, some wearing riot gear entered a squat in the London’s financial district – known as the City – trying to identify protesters involved in Wednesday’s G20 clashes.
Around 70 people were led out of the old Convention Centre building on the corner of Wilson and Earl Street.

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