Two FANUC Food Grade Robots Case Pack Dip Cups – Courtesy of Motion Controls Robotics

Dip Cup Packing –

This industrial robot application – courtesy of Motion Controls Robotics, Inc., – features two food grade FANUC LR Mate 200iC robots case packing dip cups for the ready to eat segment of the food industry. These compact and reliable robots are ideal for case packing applications.

The major flaps of each empty case are held down to locate the case and improve clearance for the robots. Filled dip cups arrive at the robot pick zone at over 1500 cups per minute from the servo controlled filling line ( The first LR Mate places an array of dip cups into the case. The second LR Mate picks a tier sheet from the tier sheet feeder ( and places it on top of the dip cups.

The end of arm tool on the case packing LR Mate shingles the product before the robot places the layer into a case to bring the product closer together. The motion happens so quickly it is difficult to see by eye but the result is a more densely packed case.
When a case is fully packed, it is conveyed to a FANUC M-410B palletizing robot where it will be placed onto a shipping pallet.

A key advantage to robotic case packing for filling cup line applications is the ability to easily and quickly adapt to different sized cases and case layouts. In this system, there are at least nine different case sizes and layer orientation combinations. New case configurations can be quickly and inexpensively added in the future. In addition, the robots in this system can be mounted in different variations to suit different case geometries including a floor mount, ceiling mount, or the side mount seen here.
Contact Motion Controls Robotics, Fremont, OH today for more information about how a robotic case packing cell can improve your operations with higher throughput and increased overall equipment efficiency (

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