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Standroid 52″ TV LCD Monitor Stand, attention grabbing convention booth, and tradshows is an all inclusive display that is affordable, easy to set up and looks amazing. Works like a large pillow case, folding over the aluminum tubing to form a shape. Hottest new display on the market, lightweight and inexpensive the latest and greatest technology for trade shows. Standroid Monitor Stand exhibition displays with durable construction combined with high quality graphics and affordable pricing. Dye Sublimation Pillow case mounted with an industrial zipper, ease of assembly. Top quality dye sub printing on recyclable polyester virtually “Wrinkle Free” stretch fabric designed for this application.The frame and graphic together are very lightweight and easy to ship if needed. Standroid Monitor Stand portable trade show display sets up in just minutes, and looks fantastic. The Dye Sublimation fabric trade show display graphic is perfectly stretched across the Standroid Monitor Stand frame to create a virtually ” wrinkle fee” surface. Dye Sublimation Fabric Graphics Make an Impact! Pillowcase Mounting Frame Structures Dye Sublimation fabric graphic can be rolled, folded and cleaned. No tools required! See more at

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