Experience 3D printing at Officeworks Melbourne

Officeworks’ has opened Australia’s first state-of-the-art 3D Experience Centre in Melbourne, to find out more visit: http://www.officeworks.com.au/campaigns/3d-experience-centre

Visitors to the 3D Experience Centre can see, touch and play with 3D printing technology – inspiring and educating them about how 3D printing could benefit their lives.

Customers can also buy their own 3D printers from the Officeworks range, which includes models from MakerBot, Mojo and Stratasys. They can also get objects scanned into a 3D printable file, which Officeworks can then print for them on one of their print centre machines, which can create objects in a range of materials and colours.

The Officeworks 3D Experience Centre is a must visit for families, students, designers, architects, engineers, and anyone else excited about the future of 3D printing technology.

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