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01. 00:00 – Twelve Titans Music/David Edwards: Echo
02. 03:45 – Atom Music Audio: God Screamer
03. 07:05 – Position Music/Jo Blankenburg: Oblivion
04. 10:37 – Two Steps From Hell/Thomas B. & Nick P.: False King
05. 12:53 – Mark Petrie: Avalon
06. 15:52 – Missing In Action: Last Stand
07. 18:37 – Twelve Titans Music/David Edwards: Day One
08. 21:57 – Revolt Production Music/Christopher J. Hurn: Order Of War
09. 24:35 – Position Music/Jo Blankenburg: Cronos
10. 28:03 – Atom Music Audio: Immortalized
11. 31:04 – Two Steps From Hell/Thomas Bergersen: Black Blade
12. 34:10 – Ùyanga Bold: Wander
13. 38:18 – Mark Petrie: Destiny Falls
14. 41:53 – David Eman: Aftermath
15. 44:29 – Position Music/Jo Blankenburg: Hyde
16. 47:37 – Two Steps From Hell/Thomas Bergersen: New World Order
17. 50:58 – Peter Roe: Last Hope
18. 53:54 – Elephant Music/Richard Schrieber: Super Nova
19. 56:18 – Twelve Titans Music/David Edwards: Dark Matter
20. 1:00:42 – Twelve Titans Music/David Edwards: Indestructible

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Image Artist Crytek:

►Image: Ryse: Son Of Rome: https://goo.gl/7hTi5g
►Image Artist: Crytek
►Official: http://www.crytek.com/


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