[ENG] Yobanashi Deceive (夜咄ディセイブ- Jin, IA)

Ninth song in the Kagepro series, this song is all about our seemingly carefree leader, Kano.

Yobanashi (夜咄) means “Night Tales” but I decided to keep it as “Yobanashi” because that’s Jin original title (see 0:22).

Amesubs translated “ビバップ” as “beep bap boop” but I decided to translate it as “bepop” (a jazz style from the 40’s) as Jin used another jazz term, “Two-beat”, in his lyrics.

As to why Jin used jazz terms.. idklol. (o w o;;)

Jin also used some outdated words such as 咄 (the “banashi” in yobanashi)

…probably just to give us translators a bad time ;;;;

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