Three Cheers for Frontier FIOS

I literally jumped for joy when I heard that Frontier FIOS would be coming to my area. For years my DSL connection has done nothing but hold me back, and the only saving grace about it that it wasn’t as bad as dial up, which isn’t that much of an accomplishment in this day and age. The people living in the city can get all of the high speed networks, but me and everyone else living in the suburbs had nothing but DSL and dial up at our disposal, until now. Now we have something that download a page in the blink of an eye.

When I played video games on my old Internet connection, people would get mad at me because I was lagging. They didn’t want to play against me, and I could only find other people with bad connections to play against me. Under the FIOS connection, I’m faster than everyone else, and now they accuse me of cheating. I guess no matter what you do, you can’t escape the criticism. At least now, I know that everyone else is just being a sore loser because they lost against someone with a better Internet connection than them.

The fast Internet speed from FIOS really comes in handy when I’m trying to buy items on auction sites. On my old connection, the other bidders would get to place their bids before I got a chance to do mine because their connections let them submit faster. They could also refresh the page and reload it faster. In order to stand a chance against them, I had to open multiple tabs of same page, and even that wasn’t enough, because all of those tabs would slow down my computer. Now I can send in my bids quickly using only one tab.