Little Gifts Like Wedding Anniversary Candles Are Important

My wife really likes candles. I have a few favorites of the scented candles she burns. I like the ones that smell like maple. They come in different scent names such as banana bread or pumpkin pie. Sometimes they have names with ginger in them referring to the spice. To me, they all smell like maple icing on them donuts I don’t eat. She likes those decorative candles for the holidays too, so I looked into getting her something from the nice wedding anniversary candles I saw at a website.

I got us one with two photos of us printed on it. It is really neat. We have a closeup of us on our wedding day, and a closeup of us in the same pose 25 years later. She was very touched to receive it as a gift. I also got her one of the wedding anniversary candles that she would light too. I knew she would just lock the other one away in the curio cabinet with her other keepsakes. The other one was a countdown anniversary calendar to the 50th wedding anniversary that you burn down as the years go by. It took a little while to get it do burn down in the center to the 25th year mark.

My wife deserves everything, but she is touched by things such as candles and little gifts. It is the little things and the little moments that impress her the most. I am not the most romantic fellow on the planet, but I do know my wife. Winning her a stuffed animal form one of those machines is something she does not forget. She remembers where and when and the name we chose for the little stuffed creatures. I was glad to find a place online that has such nicely crafted wedding anniversary candles that I could get for her.